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Budget Holiday Ideas for 2013

This post features Lastminute.com and Lowcostholidays.com.

Last year I went on one of those big holidays that it takes forever to save up for. The budget went out of the window and it was all about having the experience. It was most definitely the holiday of a lifetime but this year the buzzword is most definitely budget. I’ve found this to be a widespread epidemic amongst holiday seekers this year; everyone is desperate to get away for a week but whilst their budgets are minimal, their expectations are high. I’m here today to show you that you can have an amazing holiday on a strict budget.


Beautiful Malta

There are plenty of cheap holiday deals out there and I’ve found that being flexible in terms of your preferences can really help secure a fantastic holiday at a bargain price. For example, if you want a hassle-free holiday in a warm seaside location then being flexible on either time or location can really help.

If you don’t have to book your time off from work too far in advance then last minute holiday deals can really work in your favour. As these deals need to go quickly they often come with heavy reductions and so can provide an affordable way to visit your dream destination. So, if Egypt is at the top of your 2013 holiday wish list then a last minute holiday deal could get you there within budget. Lastminute.com currently have a weeklong all inclusive Egypt holiday deal for just £402.71pp so if you’ve set yourself a £500 budget then this deal is perfect for you.


I bet you didn”t expect this view on a budget holiday, but that”s exactly what you”ll get if you head to the Algarve

Don’t panic if you need to plan your holiday well in advance, you can still enjoy the benefits of a budget priced all inclusive holiday you just have to pick your destination wisely and go where the deals take you. Lowcostholidays.com proves this point beautifully at the moment as they’ve got a fantastic selection of available. My favourite is for Blue Sea St George’s Park & La Valette Resorts in Malta which is being offered from £161pp. If Malta doesn’t tick your boxes then they’ve got other cheap all inclusive holidays too like 7 nights in the Algarve from £173.50pp.

So if you were thinking that budget holidays meant cheap and cheerful think again, because luxury all inclusive holidays can fall into this category too.

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