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All You Ever Wanted To Know About Airport Parking

We work with a shed load of airport parking providers here at Find A Cheap Holiday and it”s left us pondering about how exactly airport parking works and what happens to our cars whilst we”re away. To answer our questions we turned to a man in the know; Philip Hirst Green from .  So settle yourself down to learn everything that there is to know about airport parking.

Before we begin, it”s only fair that you learn a little about .  It is the UK’s fastest growing airport parking price comparison service. It’s packed with parking deals at the UK’s leading airports – from tried and trusted providers.

Search, compare and book the best value off-site, on-site and meet and greet airport parking today, but before you do, here”s all that you need to know about airport parking…


1. In a nutshell, how does airport parking work?

There are 3 different types of airport parking:

• Onsite parking is on the site of the airport and all you need to do is simply park your car and walk to the terminal

• Park & Ride services are located a bit further away from the main airport site and after parking your car you will need to catch a shuttle bus to the terminal.

Buses run frequently and the journey usually takes between 5 – 15 minutes

• Meet & Greet services allow you to drive straight up to the terminal where a chauffeur will meet you and drive your car to a safe compound. They will also bring your car to the terminal when you arrive home.


2. How secure are people’s cars?

All our car parks are vetted by the directors before coming on board to ensure they are all secure and most of the car parks on our websites have the Park Mark award, which is an award given by the Police for safer parking.

3. Has a car ever gone missing?

Not to my knowledge.

4. Can customers collect their cars at any time of the night/day?

Yes, the customers can have whatever drop off or return time they desire, dependent on the airport as they have different opening hours.


5. Do customers hand their keys over when they leave their cars?

Yes, for the meet and greet service and some of the park and rides.

6. If a customer has to return earlier than planned, how quickly can they get their cars back?

This should be fine, as long as the customer has called the car park to let them know about the change to schedule.

7. What happens if there are any damages/problems when the customer returns?

The client would have to report the damage to the car park on their return and from there the car park would follow their procedures to see whether the damage was pre-existing or not.

8. What’s the weirdest thing anyone’s ever left in their car?

Some architectural drawings which were apparently valuable.


9. Is it just old bangers that are left on the car parks that you use or would a Lamborghini be safe there?

All cars have the same security.

10. What makes you better than your competitors?

We offer both the cheapest and most expensive deals at all airports & ports. We specialise in finding the best deal to suit the customer’s individual needs whether it be onsite, park and ride or meet and greet parking.

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