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What if I’m Shy Sandra Prior Before we get into specifics, I want to say something. Being shy isn’t something to be embarrassed about. We’re all shy in certain situations, some of us just cover it up better, that’s all. I walked into a Marshawn Lynch Seahawks Alternate Womens Jersey meeting two days ago with my tummy doing more backflips than an Olympic gymnast. I felt incredibly nervous and shy but I didn’t look it. And that’s what this is all about: teaching you how to cover up shyness and getting you through the bit when the butterflies feel more like a colony of bats doing the can can. It’s the initial part that’s the hardest just about all of us eventually calm down and feel OK given a little time so that’s what we’ll concentrate on here. Why are some people shy and others not? It’s usually got a lot to do with our upbringing. Confident parents breed confident kids simply because they expose their children to more people. If your home is overflowing with neighbors, friends, and family, you quickly learn the basic social skills of how to interact with strangers
Top 7 Ways To Be Your Own Best Coach Step back about 3 feet at least once a week, and ask yourself if your life is on purpose. If not, create/design a new life. One of the roles of a life coach, is to help you self evaluate your self, your condition, your state, your mission or purpose in life, etc. You can get this yourself, just by asking the right questions, such as: Why is it that we can take time we don’t have out of a busy week to meet with a coach and pay them money to work with us, when we can’t take the same time at least once a week to not pay anyone, but to write in a journal for an hour, and checkup on the course we have set for our life? Got a journal? If your life is worth living, its worth recording. (Tony Robbins Quote) Tell yourself these statements: I am wealthy. I feel great. People love me. I always find a way to accomplish anything I am committed to. I always have enough money for anything important in my life. I am successful, because I continually take massive intelligent action. I always attract whatever I want in life. Do this while driving to or from work today. Who cares if any of this is true or not? Your mind/body does not know the difference, and can only act on the direction you point it. Don’t wait for someone to help you design your goals. No one will know you better than yourself, and it is up to you, to decide the direction of your life. Go. Now. Be. Do. Learning: Setup a game plan for continual learning, knowledge advancement. Are you certified yet in any certification for your career? If not, go find out what certifications can assist you the most, and at least get more information today.
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